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Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot

Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot
Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot

Zelda Mini Classics PSP DS GBC Joanna Dark Lady Dimitrescu figure & Games Joblot

ULTRA RARE Vintage Collectors JobLot Figures & Games USED & NEW 105 TOTAL ITEMS! Hello and Welcome to the Listing. Please read the Entire Description and view all the pictures provided carefully.

These are large images crammed into one big image and stretched wider than normal so if they don't load you can always save and then view them. The description and pictures are as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, this listing is only for UK buyers, Although if you do have any questions about this listing then you can message me, I will try my best to answer what I can within 24/48 hours, if it does get later then please understand it is due to work, but I will respond to it. 1- Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Silver colour with R43DS Gold pro Card (with Real Time Save) +Sandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC Card with Sandisk Adapter. The condition is Absolutely Top, looks almost New. Both screens are in Excellent condition with screen protectors. Comes with Original DS Lite charger, pen, GBA slot 2 cover case and an Official ZedLabz transparent hard protective case in Good condition. It also comes with R43DS Gold Pro Card and a Sandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC Card with a Sandisk SD card adapter reader. The R43DS lets you download and play DS games and homebrew games and apps on your DS and 3DS, it has a Moonshell Aap that lets you play High Quality Mp3 music files in 320kbps and watch movies in DPG format, Some Full Length movies have been put in the SDHC card including. Ice Age, Kung-Fu Panda and Shrek.

It Also comes Loaded with 40 games including Zelda, MarioKart, Metroid, Tetris, Pokémon and many more with an Easy copy and paste system with space for Many more. White/Gold colour with R4ds Card + 2GB SD Card.

This is the fist Japanese DS model (plays all regions) and in Great condition for its age, the bottom touch-screen is in Great condition with a screen protector, the top screen does have a few marks on the upper part. Overall, the top screen is in Playable condition, it also has a screen protector applied to it, one of the soft pads on the top left came off as shown. The front shell had 3 stickers on it that were removed which left a sticker mark as shown. It comes with the first launch DS box labelled Metroid Prime demo, it comes with the Original DS charger, manuals, 2x Extra New stylus pens, grey and white.

It also comes with an Original DS battery that was used for a while and holds Great charge. It also comes with an R4 Upgrade Revolution for DS with a 2GB Kingston SD card, just like the other R43DS mentioned this also lets you download and play DS games, play High Quality Mp3 music files in 320kbps although I don't know if this one works on the 3DS. It also comes with a High-Quality hard case in pink, the condition is Excellent with small signs of use with a slight peel on the back, it can store 6 DS games and other such items. 3- 2x Nintendo DS Original (Phat) bottom inner LCD screens.

These are not the thin touch screen layers that go on top of the LCD, they are the actual LCD screens, it also comes with a top screen outer Replacement screen lens in Great condition (the bezels are a bit wide and would cover slight areas of the screen). 4- 360 Degrees Rotating Display Base with box.

This base is in Good condition overall, the top base has a reflective mirror effect, it does have some thin line marks on it, this base can be set to degrees of 45, 90, 180 and 360. The box is in good condition.

This uses either batteries or the charging cable provided as shown. 5- Official Nintendo Switch-N-Carry Zip Hard case. This case is Extremely High-Quality and in Great condition, it can hold 6 GBA games, or it can hold 4 GB/GBC games. GBA cartridge in Good condition with minor scuffs.

7- Super Mario World, Super Mario Advance 2 (Original 2001). GBA cartridge in Good condition.

8- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival (Original 2001). 9- Worms World Party (Original 2001). 10- Pokémon Blue Non Genuine. 11- Wario land, Super Mario Land 3 (ULTRA RARE 1994 Original). GB cartridge in MINT condition with Protective case.

12- Warioland 2 ULTRA RARE 1998 Original 1. Release GB Edition with Special Compatibility play with Super Gameboy.

GB cartridge in Excellent condition with minor wear, also comes with a Protective case. 13- Super Mario Land 2, 6 Golden Coins (RARE Original 1992). GB cartridge in Excellent condition with slight bend on the bottom left, also comes with a Protective case, a New sticker has been applied to it. GB Game in Excellent condition with Protective case, the case has a slight inner line mark, a New sticker hasbeen applied to it. This GBC is the Rare and Favourite Teal color, it has a very faint line in the middle which is shown, it is well looked after, was bought at launch along with Warioland 3.

The screen is also in Great condition, it has a very light scuff in the bottom left corner as shown, the screen has a screen protector applied to it. The battery cover is Original Nintendo, the clip is broken so it closes but is loose, can put some Sellotape on it to hold, it also comes with a strap. The box is in Good used condition and still holds well and comes with Original manuals. It comes with 2x AA Kodak batteries. The Gameboy Colour is in Excellent overall condition and Must Have for Collectors and Nintendo Fans. 16- Gameboy Pocket (GBP) Blue. The Gameboy Pocket is in Superb Condition, the screen has the expected very light signs of usage, it has a screen protector applied to it, the back battery cover has 1 or 2 black dots that look like they can be cleaned as shown. It comes with 2x AAA Kodak batteries. The Gameboy Pocket is Also a Must Have for All Collectors. 17- Many High-Quality Headphone ear pieces with small Samsung case. Total of 14 New different colour variation earpieces, they are fit for almost all generic headphones, some are from Samsung AKG and some from other brands. 18- Rare Vintage Nokia 3410 x2. This includes two Nokia 3410's, One of them works Perfectly in Excellent condition, it has a replacement battery placed inside. The other one is also in Great condition but does Not turn on and has an Original 3410 battery, no sim card or charger is included. 20- Lego Create The World Cards MINT. There are 28 cards in total, 7 of those are Shiny Holographic cards in Mint condition. 21- ULTRA RARE Vintage Classical WWF (1999) Collector Cards. All cards are in Great condition, 4 of them are from the "No Mercy" event, and the other 3 are from the famous "SmackDown" event.

Cards contains Undertaker, Masked Kane, stone Cold and others, All cards are Shiny Holographic. 22- RARE Vintage Dragonball Z (1999) Collector Cards. All cards are in Excellent condition, some show slight signs of usage, 6 cards are.

These Cards are a Must have for DBZ fans, High Quality images taken Directly from the Anime show itself, it Literally looks like the show is being played when you look at them, and at the back of the cards there is info about the episode the picture was taken from. 23- Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Of The Dulist Metal Tin. This contains a Massive 105 cards in Total, some from the tin and others mixed, All the cards are in Excellent to Good condition and some are MINT. Ojama King, Master of OZ, Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon are MINT, Dark Master and Buster Blader are Shiny Holographics.

It Also contains All the Ojama's, Ojama Black, Green and Yellow and the Trap card Ojama Delta. / Cheetos/ Walkers (2000)- Collectables. There are 31Pokémon Tazz in total, 6 of these are non-animated and 24 of these are Animated.

These Tazz have a very Awesome effect to them, the picture changes when you move the Tazz in another direction showing the Animation. All of them are in Great condition put in a bubble wrap for protection. 25- Official eJay 360 Extream Soundtraxx Demo CD. 26- Skytronic Dynamic USB Microphone.

This mic is in Mint condition hardly used, Great for beginner recordings. Works very well with "Audacity" which is a free recording program. Very Solid High Quality build with a Built-in pop shield that reduces wind noise. Fluid response with slight vocal presence.

Audio frequency range is 50-16,000 Hz. Nominal impedance is 600 O. No driver installation required, plug USB and use, the USB is about 3 meters long.

27- 5 Button LED USB Gaming Mouse with DPI Speed setting. This mouse is in Good condition, it is rather big in size, it would work well with PC games like shooting games. When the mouse is plugged in the LED's automatically turn on with different colours.

The DPI speed can be changed to make it much faster. 28- Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo Gamecube CD only. This is an Excellent game Definitely worth playing, the back of the CD has the usual marks a CD would get for its age, it has a very faint line near the inner CD part as shown which does not affect it.

The front part is in Very Good overall condition. 29- Excellent set of 32 Watercolours with Brush. The outer cover has a small line in the middle but doesn't affect the overall case.

This set has All the colours needed to make Great art, also in the bottom part it has 18 very convenient sections for mixing the watercolours. 30- The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Mystique Collectors Magazine. This is in Excellent condition, very slight signs of use. 31- Speedy 2.4Ghz Mini Wireless (10 Meter Receiver) Mouse.

This is in Mint condition hardly used, it is plug and use and is small and handy to carry around, you can change the mouse faceplate to red or blue. It can still be used if your other USB mouse is plugged in. 32- RARE Vintage Sony Ericsson Complete Headphone set.

This was intended for the Sony Ericsson handset but still works with other devices with a headphone jack. This is Brand new and all the parts are included and Complete. 33- 2TB WD Elements Portable External HDD USB 3.0 Black. This is a New Massive Storage External Hard Drive Disk of 2 Terabytes with the Super-Fast USB 3.0 for Fast transferring, fully working condition from a well Established company Western Digital. This is New in its packaging unused, it is Not intended for daily use, maybe for a person with a small head, maybe cosplay or just for fun, it is about 15 inches long in height.

35- Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories PlayStation 1 (PS1) Video Game in Case. This is one of the Better Yu-Gi-Oh games that have been made, the overall condition is Good, the front case at the bottom has signs of use. The CD is in Excellent condition, the manual is also in Good condition, it has slight tear on the back as shown.

A Great collector's item and a Must have for any Yu-Gi-Oh Fan. 36- RARE Ladybird Book "Batman- Funhouse of Fear". This Book is in used but Good condition. The front of the book is slightly torn as shown. 37- RARE Ladybird Book "Batman- The Warhawk".

The front and back of the book has been taped, slightly loose. 38- RARE Ladybird Book "Masters of the Universe- A Trap for He-man".

This Book is in Excellent condition. 39- ULTRA RARE Custom McFarlane Licenced Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden Figure 1/12 scale (Custom Edition).

This figure was customised to resemble Raiden from Metal Gear Rising. Customisations include a fully repainted face model, artificial hair, left eye is red, right eye is blue, bandana eyepatch, comes with mini sword and gun, a fully articulated figure but the left hand is not movable and is firmly glued, the right hand is movable. 40- Marvel Legends Storm Figure 1/12 scale (Black Variant). Brand New Unopened MINT in Box. It also includes x4 Extra Electric hand effects.

41- Marvel Legends Storm Figure 1/12 scale Custom Head and Hands. Two Marvel Legends Storm Figure customised head and hands. One is metallic silver and the other has blonde hair with skin tone hands.

42- ULTRA RARE Perfect Dark 64 (Joanna Dark) Figure 1/6 scale (Original Armoured Variant). This figure is Customised and in Excellent condition with the expected wear due to age, it has no box.

Customisations include a Red silk neck scarf, the Armor pads have been given a battle damage effect due to the age of it, the small ammo on the right boot was replaced with a gold ring, the ear piece has been made much shorter, the lipstick has been made much redder, a beauty spot has been added near the lip, the belt on the suite was painted metallic silver, the chest area on this particular version is squeezable, the entire suite has been given a leather type effect with a much darker blue. The guns top scope part has broken, it can be fixed with some super glue, overall in Good condition with a removeable ammo. 43- ULTRA RARE Perfect Dark 64 (Joanna Dark) Figure 1/6 scale (Black leather training suite Variant).

This figure has been opened to Customise, it is in Mint condition, the Box is also in Great condition. Customisations include a hand crafted black Russian style hat, a beauty spot is added near the ear and a silver earring on the left ear is added, 2x handmade soft arm guards on each arm, a long adjustable belt with silver decor, hand crafted black neck scarf with button, 2x High Quality leather black boots with zip, 2x leg. The default boots are also included. This is a new Wallet light brown and slight Gold in colour with High Quality stitching, one part of it has slightly decayed due to age as shown.

This is a new Transport of London "Get Buswise" Wallet, it is High Quality material in a combined yellow and black colour, one part of it has slightly decayed due to age as shown. 46- Custom Item for Figures.

These are x2 custom items that were meant to be LED lights for 1/6 scale figure but were not finished, great for customizing with LED's if one knows how to. 47- DC Multiverse Batman the Animated Series Figure 1/12 scale (Custom Royal Edition). This figure has been Customised in Excellent condition, the box is also in Excellent condition and comes Complete with the DC stand and card in MINT condition. (Note, this figure by default has slightly wobbly legs and is rather hard to stand due to the design of it). This figure has been given a dark effect by giving it a brush over with black.

Customisations include an Awesome handcrafted bat-sword with matching colours, and a stretchy leg pad for holding the sword or other items. It comes with an Elegant handcrafted scarf, 2x handcrafted hand straps and 2x straps for the boots, the fabric of all these is purple satin beautifully stitched. The Batarang is made Metallic Silver from plain black, the Batarang also has a handmade soft case, it also has a holder to hold the grapple gun to the belt.

It comes with a smooth mini bat-cape made with a soft fabric with a metallic silver chain attached to it. 48- Custom Figure Diorama Base.

This is a Beautifully handmade base for 1/12 or 1/6 Figures, or for putting something else in. 49- DC Multiverse Harley Quinn Classic Figure 1/12 scale (Custom Pink Edition). (Note, this figure by default just as the McFarlane Batman has a slight default issue, it is loose around the torso area and turning it 360 to much will make it pop of, this is normal and can be put back on). Customisations include a beautifully handcrafted dress with a ribbon/belt tightener, a long neck scarf, 2x knee guards and 2x large hand sleeves, a leg ribbon belt on the right leg, it has a ribbon on the club and also a hat for the head, the fabric of all these is pink satin. It also comes with a custom pink flower great for poses. This is also a Great Looking figure that looks even Better with Batman together. 50- Tekken 4 PS2 Japanese Version.

This game comes complete with the Manual and the CD both in Excellent condition, Great for Tekken fans and Collectors. 51- RARE Sega 1994 Sonic and Tails Sticker. Rare Shiny Holographic Sonic and Tails Sticker from the Original Sega 1994 Collectors sticker book. The sticker is in Great condition, the Tails part has slightly faded due to age, it has been carefully Preserved onto a card.

52- Official Blukar leather headphone bag. This came with the Official Blukar headphones, it is in Excellent New condition. 53- My Organizer for Pocket and Color Travel Carry Case.

This is a very handy carry case, you can put 4 Gameboy/ Color games in a secure section, and also the Gameboy Pocket and Color Console itself securely inside. It has many compartments for headphones, Leads, Batteries, Magnifier, charger. It is Overall in Excellent condition.

54- Pokémon Version Argent (French Pokémon Silver Version). This is a Genuine French version of Pokémon Silver that works on Gameboy Pocket and Color. This is GBC optimized, when played on the Gameboy Color it becomes full Color. 55- TheLegend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. This is the Classical and Legendry game, an Absolutely Fantastic Must Play game, Must have for All Zelda Fans and alike. Great NBA Basketball game for the GB. 57- ULTRA RARE Blaze Xploder Lite Pokémon Cheats Poster. This is the Original Blaze Xploder Lite Special Pokémon poster with many cheats on it. On the other side there is an Awesome Cheat style anime pic.

It has minor tears along the lines where it folds but looks fine when placed. This is just over 23 inches wide and just over 16 inches in length. 58- Original Purple Multi Link Cable for GBC and GBP.

The Multi Link cable has not been tested to trade between consoles, Overall in Excellent condition. 59- ULTRA RARE (2002) Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Pre-Release Pamphlet. This was a Rare Pamphlet promoting the very first New Next Generation of Pokémon games for Nintendo's New Gameboy Advance Handheld system. It is in Great Condition considering its age, kept Very safe in a plastic sleeve. 60- GB/C and GB "InterAct" Charger adapter. This charger plugs into the Gameboy Pocket/ Color at 3V and the Original Gameboy at 6V. It doesn't work when plugged into the Gameboy Pocket/ Color, it sometimes would if you fidget with the wire but normally doesn't. The GB one is untested as have no Original Gameboy, the condition is Good in the Original box. 61- The King Of Fighters (KOF) Ex2 Howling Blood GBA cartridge Boxed. This is a Non Genuine copy of the Hit KOF Game released for the Gameboy Advance, it plays Exactly as the normal one does, the box is in Great condition and comes with info leaflet. 62- ULTRA RARE Super 12 in 1 Gameboy Pocket/ Color cartridge. This is an Absolutely Rare Gem of a cartridge. It contains the following Top Games.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue. 63- Gameboy Color Battery Pack. This seems to work but couldn't charge it to see, this is Only for the Gameboy Color. 64- ULTRA RARE (2001) Gameboy Advance Launch Pamphlet.

This came with the GBA Release titles when the Gameboy Advanced console First came out in 2001, it is in Excellent condition. On one side it shows some other GBA launch titles, and on the other it shows the GBA multi link cable.

65- RARE Vintage 90s JinRong 193-1 Collectors ink pen. A very Elegant ink pen in Excellent condition for its age, Great for collectors.

66- Very High Quality Legend of Zelda Decal Stickers. These are 44 Very High Quality New stickers from various Legend of Zelda games including Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. 67- Pokémon Gold and Silver 2 in 1 Manual. This is a non genuine manual which is a fun collectable item to have as it has much information inside. Overall in Good condition, the backpage has a slight rip that has been sellotaped.

68- ULTRA RARE 1998 Nintendo Mini Classics Zelda Keychain Plus Master Sword. This is a Must have for both Zelda Collectors and Collectors in general, it is in Fully working condition with sound and in Superb condition considering its age, with little to no marks, the screens are Also in Top condition and comes with a fabric cloth.

There is a sticker at the front which was added, and at the back where it says Zelda that was also added. It also comes with a Very Awesome looking Zelda Mini Master Sword with a sword sleeve, it can be attached as a keyring or it can be set as decoration. 69- ULTRA RARE Series 1 Moose's Mighty Beanz Collectable Jumping Beanz.

This comes with the Very 1st Rare Series Collectors Guide on how to play the game and shows a complete list of All the Mighty Beanz. It comes with the Very 1st. Edition bean "Rock'N Roll Bean" and "21 Skater Bean".

Both are in Excellent condition as shown and put in protective case for full protection. 70- Warioland 3 Gameboy Color Cartridge Complete with Manual and Box. This is Probably the Best Wario land game ever made as considered by many, it is in very used condition as it was bought on launch with the Teal Gameboy Color. It comes with the GBC info book and the Original manual which is in used condition but still Very Good. Overall very used but Good condition.

71- Yu-Gi-Oh Card set, The Power of Miraculous Toon World Deck. This comes Complete with the Official Trading card game Official Rulebook, a full sized player playmat to play on. All the cards are placed in a plastic protector. Not All the cards are from this deck, some are mixed in, Overall the Quality of the cards are Excellent, some are more used than others. A Large total of 65 cards in this deck. This Deck also Includes 6 Toon World cards including Toon Summoned Skull and Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon. 72- Yu-Gi-Oh Card set, Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon Evolution Deck. This comes Complete with the Official Trading card game Official Rulebook, a full sized playmat to play on.

A Large total of 66 cards in this deck. This Deck also Includes the ULTRA RARE 1. Edition Shiny Holographic Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon MINT with Silver writing in Double Protective sleeve and case. 73- 6x High Quality 3D Red and Blue Anaglyph Glasses. These are Very High Quality New 3D glasses unopened in their Original packaging, see life like items, images, movies and games that support Anaglyph 3D Glasses.

74- The Patriot Studio, Lady Dimitrescu (Vampire Countess) Resident Evil 8 Village 1/6 scale Figure. This is a Very, Very Special Customized figure. The whole Figure has been repainted with a Beautiful Shiny Silver coating. The customisations include, x2 Golden Bracelets for each hand. A Very Elegant Silver handbag with chain, a black bra with a shiny leather like effect with a Dimond in the middle, a Silver Satin belt with strap.

The hat also has a Silver Satin belt, a silver earring has been added to one of the head sculpts like she had in the video game which wasn't on the default figure. One of the hand Claws has been Fully customised to make it have Blood on it. This comes Complete with All the Accessories, 3 set of hands, neutral pose, holding pose and Claws pose, the cigarette, necklace, broch, meanface sculpt and Plus the Pre-Order Special Fly swatter and Carpet Display. This Figure has Extreme attention to detail and Looks Absolutely Stunning when Displayed with lighting. The top and bra can be removed and her breasts are fully painted and shown, this is an Adult collector's item and Not for kids at All.

This was bought New then Customised fully and Displayed in MINT condition, if you look at the original figure from Patriot Studios and then this version, Only then can you really Appreciate this version, the Box is also in MINT Condition. 75- Custom made Diorama Background For 1/12, 1/6 Figures. This is an Excellent Custom made Diorama Background, it is in a snowy forest in the blue sky. It looks Absolutely Amazing when displayed with the Lady Dimitrescu figure, or it can be displayed with any other 1/6, 1/12 or any other figures. 76- Custom mini table for 1/6 or 1/12 figures.

This is also another Excellent Custom made mini table for either 1/6 or 1/12 figures. It is Well made and sturdy with a wooden effect, when placed properly it makes it the Perfect set with a Diorama. 77- ULTRA RARE Marvel Comics Special Edition Series Diva Storm Figure 1/6 scale. This figure was opened to Customise and in MINT condition, the Box is also in Great condition.

Customisations include, pink bandana, gold chain, 2x arm collars, 2x transparent hand bracelets, 2x white stretch bracelets one on the left arm and the other on the right leg, 2x handmade silver satin boot collars, 1x adjustable silver satin belt with gold holder, the hair has beengiven a slight pink shade to it, and it comes with 2x Electric hand effects. This is a Very Attractive Storm figure and Looks Very Beautiful. 78- Official Piranha Studios "The Annoying Thing" A4 paper lever arch file.

This is an Officially Licenced Piranha Studios A4 paper lever arch file with High Quality images on All sides. This is in Excellent condition, 13 used A4 paper sleeves in used condition are also included. 79- Official Sony PLAYSTATION 3 DUALSHOCK 3 Sixaxis Wireless controller with charging lead. This controller is in Good condition and works well, the charging lead doesn't seem to work though it's the official Sony PS3 lead. 80- ULTRA RARE 1999 Collectors Pokémon Trading Card Game Set.

Some cards in this deck are from this set and many others are Rare cards mixed. This Amazing set includes, 1 full Damage counter set, not all. The Coin is a different coin not from this set but an Official. 1 Starter Game Guide Mint.

1 Advanced Rule Book Mint. 1 Playmat with both sides to play on in Great condition.

1 "Play it" Pokémon Game Instructional CD-ROM New Unopened Sealed Mint. Contains many Rare cards as shown, contains a RARE Shiny Holographic Poliwrath in sleeve and ULTRA RARE 1. Edition Shiny Holographic Machamp in sleeve. It comes with a Quality solid silver tin with the cards placed inside, it could also be used for storing other items.

The total amount of Pokémon cards in this set is an Enormous 141, it also contains 2 Rare 1999 Pokémon cards in Good condition straight from the Anime series, one is Shiny Holographic. 81- Custom Gold finger Skateboard with Diorama and Tools. This was a refurbished finger skateboard with a Gold top, the bottom is blue, it also has a custom made Diorama with rail, it comes with spare wheels orange and white in colour and tool. 82- ULTRA RARE Official Tommy Vintage 1999 Pokémon Pikachu Pencil Topper. It has sings of use but is in Good condition for its age.

83- ULTRA RARE McFarlane Licenced Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden Figure 1/12 scale. This figure was customised with Much Improvement, the Customisations include a handmade Dog-tag chain with 2 tags as in the Hit-game. A hand made long sword sleeve, A customised rifle with an additional attachment part. A custom made Explanation mark like in the game.

It comes with the long sword, the short sword and the small pistol which can be placed in his leg holder. It is Fully Complete with the Original McFarlane "Metal Gear Ray" part. The box is in Great condition, had to be slightly ripped to open, comes with Instructions. A Must have for Any Metal Gear Solid fan and Collectors alike. 84- Pokémon Venusaur Epic Battle Figure.

This figure is opened and has very minimal signs of wear and in Mint condition as it's always been kept on display, the Box had to be slightly ripped to open it but is still in Very Good condition, the mini leaflet is Mint. 85- Pokémon Ivysaur Epic Battle Figure. 86- Pokémon Double Pack Bulbasaur & Eevee Epic Battle Figure. Both figures are in Mint condition, the Box had to be slightly ripped to open it but is still in Very Good condition, the mini leaflet is Mint. 87- ULTRA RARE 1993 Official Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball Promotional Poster.

This is an ULTRA RARE Official Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball Promotional Poster in Extremely Good condition for its time. On the other side of it, it has numerous Sega Mega Drive upcoming games, and promotes Game Gear, Sega CD and other Sega peripherals. The width is about 16 and a half inches and the height is just short of 20 and a half inches. It has been Very Carefully placed in a plastic sleeve for full Protection.

88- Sony PSP (3000) Slim & Lite Piano Black with Box Complete with Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition MINT. This is in Top Condition, it is in near NEW condition, it hasn't been played much and left, may be slightly dusty, although it has been wiped clean.

The screen is in Excellent condition and has a screen protector on it. It comes with the Awesome game Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition which comes complete with the Manual and the UMD game disk.

The Box is in Good firm condition and comes with the Official PSP manuals. It come with a 2 in 1 USB charger and PSP to PC connector for transferring Data, games, video, music, and other files, it is not the AC adapter. This lead can also be used to charge the PS3 controller that is also in this listing. This PSP is customised to play PSP and homebrews games and Emulators that can be download then pasted on the Memory card and played, this does not come with one.

The System Software of this PSP is 6.61 PRO-C 8 (Infinity). It has the Custom Pro VSH Menu, by holding Select. It also comes with a transparent hard case in Good condition to further protect the PSP. One of the Best, if not the best handheld console which still looks Amazing today. This is a High Quality "New Bee" Headphone Stand in Excellent condition.

It has grips on the bottom of the base stand, Great for placing it on a desk, it is Very Firmly made and sturdy. Comes Complete with box in Good condition. This is the Upgraded version of the very famous Nokia 3310 but upgraded with Wap Internet, animated screensavers and more. It is in almost New condition with a screen protector on it.

It does not have a battery, the same battery used in the other Nokia 3410 that was also shown on this listing is used in this to show it working. It comes with the Original Nokia Charger, it also comes with a Yellow front facing cover and a blue back cover, no sim card included.

The box is in Good condition. 91- BRAND NEW SEALED ULTRA RARE Perfect Dark 64 (Joanna Dark) Figure 1/6 scale (Original Armoured Variant).

Just as the other figure shown on this listing that was customised. This is Brand New Unopened Sealed, ULTRA RARE item. This is a Superb High Quality Studio USB Plug and Play Microphone. It was hardly used, maybe 2-3 times, it is in almost New condition and comes with All the parts, manuals and padding as it would when bought new. It comes with a Very Amazing High Quality hard case to put the Mic and all the parts in.

This Mic has a Mute Button Function, you simply press the Mic button on the top and the Mic Deactivates and the Light Glows Red, if you press it again the Mic is Activated and the Blue Light glows. It comes with a Pop Filter, Microphone, Shock Mount, USB-B Connector, Foam Cover, Desktop Stand Base and Microphone holder. This hasn't been officially registered online so that can still be done. It is Red and Black in colour and looks Totally Awesome on a desktop setting or in a studio. This is Great for beginners or Professionals.

This is Plug and Play so there is No need to download any software or drivers. You can Download the "Audacity" Program for free and start recording with Studio Quality instantly with Ease.

93- Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 T800 Inch 2K (2560x1600 pixels) Ultra HD Screen 4G Network on Vodaphone. This is in Immaculate Top condition, it is rooted so nounnecessary bloatware, the Screen is in Superb condition, it has a Tampered Glass applied to it. The very faint lines and scuffs are expected, the Goldbezels look Great with a very minor mark on the left side of it as shown, the back of it is also in Superb condition, Overall in near New condition.

It comes with a micro-USB 2.0 charging cable, it is not the one that comes from Samsung, it fits in any standard Samsung USB charger plug or the PC to charge or transfer files. It is White in colour with Beautiful Gold Bezels. This comes with a Sandisk Ultra 32GB Mico SDHC Card. It is the Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow, it runs WhatsApp perfectly, it can make and receive calls, it is on the Vodaphone network, no Vodaphone sim card is included. It has a Lovely 2K screen Great to watch Movies on, the photos taken really don't do any Justice to how Good the screen actually is, it also has the flash light function. It is Great when it comes to Games as it has Exynos 5420 Octa (28 nm), you can see more specs online. It also comes with a very Nice 360 degrees rotating case in Pearl White in Great condition. 94- 2 "TeachGear" 10.5 Inch Tablet Screen Protectors. These are the Screen Guard protectors for 10.5 tablet screens, it was bought for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S but it was never used. This pack includes 2 screen protector films, screen cleaning cloth and applicator card. 95- Aqua Flo Brush Water colour 3 brushes Pack. This item is new but due to age the plastic has slightly discoloured yellowish as shown, especially on one of them. These are watercolour brushes that come in 3 sizes of small, medium and large. When water colouring, instead of having a pot of water to mix with, this convenient brush lets you put the water in it and a push button to release the amount of water needed.

96- Original Berol Artist Paint Palette mixer. This is New and made with High Quality plastic, it has 6 palette spaces. 97- RARE 90's Vintage Collectors Crazy Planet Gum-Watch Yellow/ Black. The watch strap is missing, the inner part is slightly broken, the part where you have to open it to put the batteries in, it still closes but one end is slightly loose, Overall in Good condition.

98- Original Vintage Alarm Chrono Casio Wristwatch. This is in Good condition with the expected signs of age. It is a Genuine Casio watch, but the strap is not from this watch, it was added later, it is also Great Quality. This watch is water resistant and has a Lap timer, alarm stopwatch and more.

99- Original Silver Quartz Wristwatch. This is stainless steel, water resistant and strong High Quality. It is in Very Good condition with the expected signs of age.

Sony Ericsson k610i Silver with earpiece and x2 Chargers. This is in Good condition with signs of use as shown, the screen has strange pixel dots when the screen is black as shown, on normal use it cannot be seen.

This comes with two Official Sony Ericsson k610i chargers. It comes with the Sony Walkman head set, one side is not working with a missing earpiece pad, it also comes with a connector to a mic. 101- 70 High Quality Star Wars Decal Stickers.

These are 70 High Quality Star Wars stickers you can stick on phones, laptops, PC's and other items. These are some of the stickers that came from a new pack but may have very slight crease or bend on some of them, Overall very Good condition. 102- HTC Desire C White Smartphone. This was an old Smartphone that was stored away many years ago, it doesn't turn on, cannot remember what the issue was and why it stopped working. This is in Excellent condition, can't remember this having any issues, the battery may or may not work, it is a genuine LG battery, no charger.

The screen is in Excellent condition, it has a very small dot in the bottom as shown. 104- Original Nintendo Gameboy Spook Battery pack. This is only for the First Original Nintendo Gameboy. It may be possible to use the GB/C and GB Charger adapter also shown in this listing, it should work at 6V, although it hasn't been tried as have no Original Gameboy.

105- WH Smith Lets Create 50 Colouring Pencils. These were bought a very long time ago and stored, the colours are not that strong anymore and some have slight chips from the top, 2 pencils seem to be missing, a total of 48 are in the pack. That is the end of this Massive listing. Thank you for your time, again, if you have any question about this listing then you can send me a message and as stated I will try my best to respond.

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